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Andrew Baxter

Give the humble beetroot a Scottish twist

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There are few vegetables that seem to take root in my mountain climate-controlled garden in the Scottish Highlands. Yet, without fail the humble beetroot seems to thrive.

Sliced beetroot ready for a Scottish recipe
The sweet, earthy taste of beetroot is perfect in cold and warm salads

Just as well, as it's a vegetable that I adore and not just the pickled variety packed away in jars. There's something about the sweet, earthy taste when cooked that makes it perfect in a salad - whether cold or warm.

So this jewel-like creation featured in Scottish Field caught my eye and particularly as it is has a very Scottish flavour. I'm not sure what an oatmeal dukkah really is - it sounds a bit chefy - but I am sure it will taste good. But I do know that Ben Riach whisky is mighty fine and Connage Crowdie is one of my favourite cheeses.

Mmmmm.... a jewel like combination of beetroot and one of Scotland's finest cheeses

The ingredient list doesn't look too daunting and although the magazine suggests that this is a dish for the Christmas festive season, I may go in search of a bottle of Ben Riach to try it out on St Andrew's Day this week. That has the advantage of being able to toast our patron saint with a dram of Speyside's finest after putting down my knife and fork.

You can find the full recipe for 'Whisky Roasted Beetroot Carpaccio' here.