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Andrew Baxter

Scotland's ultimate fast food - The Scotch Pie

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Every January, the United States celebrates National Pie Day. It seems to feature those delicious sweet pies that I've enjoyed on my visits across the Atlantic. However, I have a greater hankering for all things savoury, rather than a sweet tooth. So, I thought I would tempt you with the best pie anywhere in the world. A Scotch Pie!

Scotch Pies on a cooling rack
Scotch Pies traditionally made with a spiced mutton filling

They are a calorie busting delight of lightly spiced meat encased in a crispy, salty pastry case. A traditional Scotch Pie is made using mutton and many butchers, and bakers, still make them this way. Others prefer instead to use minced lamb or beef for the filling. They are Scotland's original fast food and delicious on a cold winters day. With their pastry lip, they are easy to hold on to as you take a big bite. On the other hand, this raised edge makes it perfect to fill with a layer of hot, thick gravy.

You are never far from a Scotch Pie in Scotland

If you pop into nearly any bakers or butchers in Scotland you will find these golden nuggets of yumminess to take way. They are such an important part of Scottish culture that there is an annual World Championship Scotch Pie competition. The 2020 winners are a team of butchers from Blairgowrie in Perthshire. Maybe, I can convince the boss (wife!) that I need to head there for research purposes.

And here's my top tip for one of the best places to sample a Scotch Pie. The Palace Pantry is a small, unassuming bakery on the main street in Falkland. You can't miss the Pantry as it is opposite Falkand Palace. Inside, you will find lots of baked delights but remember you are here for the Scotch Pies! The last time I visited I tried a pulled pork version, which was chin dribbling amazing. That meant I returned home with my guilty secret evident on my white shirt.

You've been warned! These pies are seriously addictive.